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During every cell cycle, hundreds of different gene products must execute their functions with exquisite precision to generate functional daughter cells. Defects in cell cycle processes can lead to cell death, or can produce abnormal daughter cells that are deleterious to the organism, for example contributing to cancer progression. To broadly facilitate studies of cell cycle structures, processes, and checkpoints, we generated a collection of inducible CRISPR/Cas9-based knockout human cell lines for the precise and potent disruption of 209 genes with key roles across diverse cell cycle functions. A collection of micrographs associated with the analyses of knockout cell lines made in HeLa cells are presented here.

To find the micrographs of a particular knockout cell line, search for your gene of interest or browse by category or gene. By default, the results from the guide that resulted in the most potent phenotype are shown. The information associated with additional guides can be selected using the Other Guides toolbar.

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McKinley, K.L., and Cheeseman, I.M. (2017). Large-Scale Analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 Cell-Cycle Knockouts Reveals the Diversity of p53-Dependent Responses to Cell-Cycle Defects. Dev Cell 40, 405-420. PMID: 28216383